How to Make Internet Explorer Default Browser Windows 7

Enjoy The Features of Internet Explorer In Windows 7- Now Make Internet Explorer A Default Web Browser In An Easy Manner

Internet Explorer is a Web Browser inbuilt in the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Being under the Microsoft, it offers multiple and unique browser features to the users, so that the users can enjoy the entire elements of the Web Browser.

Since, after a launch, Internet Explorer went for multiple versions to upgrade the features, the last version is Internet Explorer 11 and thereafter it has been replaced by the Microsoft Edge. But, in spite of that, the older versions are still trending in the web world due to its excellent features and services.

If you are also an Internet Explorer user and want to make it your default web browser, then no need to worry, as it's an easy task. So just go through with the instructions listed below.

Easy Procedure To Make The Internet Explorer as Default Web Browser In Windows 7

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Click on the Setting that is symbolized with the gear icon.
  • From the drop down menu of the Setting, click on Internet Options.
  • A new window will appear and that is the Internet Explorer, from the Menu tab, click on the Programs.
  • You will see the Internet Explorer icon and parallel to the same a button is located Make Default. Click on it.
  • Now click OK, located at the bottom of the page.
  • Close the Internet Explorer and Open it again.

Hence, Internet Explorer is now your default web browser. For additional information or to get rid of any issue, contact Internet Explorer Customer Service. The service team allows you to connect with the technical department and with their support you can get your issues resolved. Hence, be in touch with them to enjoy the uninterrupted services of the Internet Explorer.

How to Create Gmail Groups

Gmail Groups – it is a service provided of Google which is similar to forum for group discussions for the people which have common interest which can be either through email or web interface. These are mainly of two types forum specific to Google Groups which is more like mailing lists and the other being Usenet newsgroup which can be accesses by NNTP in which Google act as a gateway and unofficial archive. To create a Google group one must first sign in Google Group through Google account using username and password, configure advance settings.

How to create Google Groups:

  • First and Foremost go to the Google Groups.
  • Look for the option near the top left corner for Create Group and click on the same.
  • Describe the Group and choose the same if one is not sure about the same go with more about setting basic permissions at this point in time if the user is finding it difficult to describe then can seek help from the Google customer service either through the forum or by writing the concern in the mail and can wait for the response from the expert.
  • Click on Create Group option which will on the top left corner.
  • Now click Save changes.

If provided one is not useful then you can get Gmail Technical Support help by the experts adviser. 

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How to update Google Play Store App


Google is the top most running America based multinational technology company. It is basically working on the internet related services and its products. Through this internet services it means that it provides the online advertising technologies, Google search, cloud computing, software services and even hardware services. Google company was founded in the year 1998 by the person Larry Page. He is also the CEO of the company.

Procedure to update Google play store App:

Step 1: Go to the accessible device, in which the user wants to update its ‘googe play store’.

Step 2: Just unlock your required device.

Step 3: After that just search for the ‘Google play app’ in phone.

Step 4: When found then just make it open in your device.

Step 5: After scrolling down just click on the ‘settings’ option.

Step 6: After that it will open up the required list of options, from there just scroll down.

Step 7: Have a look to the option at ‘play store version’.

Step 8: Here it will show you the required app is up to date or not.

Step 9: It will show the required version of the google play store.

Step 10: Suppose if the app is not up to date, then there it will show you to make it update to the latest version of the the software which is available.

Hence, after following all these steps you will be able to get the updated version of the ‘Google play store’. And then user can take the advantage of the google play services. But if there is any kind of trouble while downloading the app then kindly contact to Google Technical Support Phone Number. This support service is available in all over the world and that too 24/7 hours in a day service, which means that a common person can avail there help service and hence get the required solution in every field. So, without thinking twice one should directly consult to them. Google hire the most skilled employee in there team to resolve the common users problem as soon as possible. Every employee has given different duty to look after the customers issues and handle them as early as possible.

How to Set Up Cox Account on iPhone

Utilize these Steps to Set up Cox Account on iPhone

Cox Communication is the leading Telecommunication Organization. It offers benefits in the digital cables, broadband communication, home security and considerably more. The services offered by the Cox Communication is brilliant and consequently, it is exceptionally appreciated by the clients.

Cox Webmail supports the majority of the Operating System, for example, iPhone, MacOS, Windows. If you want to set up the Cox Account on your iPhone, then you are at right place. Here you will get the detailed procedure of the Cox Account setup.

  • From your iPhone, click on “Setting”.
  • Tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” from the setting section and then tap on “Add Account”.
  • Select Add Mail Account from the 'Add Account' section and then tap on “Others”.
  • Now enter your Name, email address, password.
  • In the box of Incoming Mail Server, enter Host Name as “” without the inverted comma. And then enter the username and password. In the port section, enter 993.
  • In the section of Outgoing Mail Server, enter Host Name as “” without the inverted comma and then enter your username and password. Keep the port number as 465.
  • Enable the SSL mode.

Finally, you are all set. If still persist any issue, then dial on Cox Technical Support Phone Number. The techie will resolve the issue within a short frame of time. They offer the best and complete solution of any issue. The techie works around the clock, so you can get their support anytime as per your convenience. Hence, be in touch with the Cox Tech team to enjoy the entire features of the Cox Communication without any interruption.

How do I get Google Alerts

Proficient step by step solution to get Google Alerts

How do I get Google Alerts in Swift manner?

Google alerts are email notification that deliver search result related to requested search automatically in error free manner.
To get Google Alerts, user is required to have a look on set of instructions that are described below:

  • User is required to launch web browser.
  • Moving ahead, user is required to visit official web portal of Google.
  • Now user is required to enter in navigation bar.
  • User is required to sign in with Gmail account by entering username and password.
  • Now moving ahead, user is required enter the search term for which user wish to get Google alert to track which should be separated by commas in desired field.
  • To get the type of result that Google alerts wish to share, user is required to choose from include news, blogs, videos, discussions, book or everything.
  • Moving ahead, user is required to specify the time for how often the Google alert user would like to receive in trouble free manner.
  • Moreover, user is required to select the number of times the results need to be availed by user.
  • User is required to specify location where the alerts need to be received. User can easily receive in Gmail or can mention some other account as well.
  • Finally user is required to hit click on create alert option and once done, hit click on finish option.

To resolve the technical glitches in remarkable manner, user can seek out magnificent assistance from Google Technical Support team. Technical expertise is available to render effective solution 24/7 round the globe in cost effective way. Customer can place call toll free number to get outstanding solution in nick of time at any time and from any location across the globe. Be in touch to avail robust solution to ward off error in significant way.

About Jetblue Airways Vision Statement

JetBlue is the award winning airline who has been constantly providing cheap flight tickets to all its destinations around America and world over. Ticket booking facility is easy and services are top class. Like every other major companies JetBlue has also set its Mission and Vision Statements.

Its vision statement states in broader constraint that the airlines is always committed towards providing competitive rates for the flight fares all over the world but keeping its standards at the top. JetBlue has been providing flying services to its passengers from long time now and over the years it has gained stature in providing economical flight tickets like no other. Don’t need to think anywhere else when you are getting flight service at low price like this.

Book both way tickets and get more discounts on the fares. Dial JetBlue Airlines Reservations Phone Number for instant ticket booking. Like its vision statement, the airline has kept its momentum upfront with better services. Now get flight tickets for varied domestic locations like no other airline.

How to Install Norton from CD

Norton is not only famous for its security level but also known for its responsiveness in thread find and removal. The installation of Norton is easier if it is done by the use of its installation CD. It can also be done by the use of a downloaded file. Amazingly, the complete process has nine steps only. But these are technical steps. That’s why you need to be more conscious while executing this measure. So, let’s explore how you can install and activate Norton Setup.

  • Open your computer's CD-ROM drive and insert the CD into it.
  • Double-click the file you downloaded if you are doing it from a download file.
  • Now you need to check the box next to Norton Security Software.
  • Click Next.
  • Find Norton Security Software folder on your desktop.
  • Open this folder after you are done with the complete installation.
  • Double-click on the Install Norton AntiVirus.exe icon if you are doing it from a download file.
  • That is the entire process.
  • You have successfully installed the security solution from its installation CD.

The challenges of configuring Norton Setup can be tackled by following the technical helpline which is promised to be available all the time. It has sufficiently experienced and highly knowledgeable members who are ready to deliver excellent quality services. Hence, you are likely to be assisted in the best possible way. So, you should not hesitate or bother much before asking for any help to the technical crew.

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