How to Set Auto Reply in Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is the most simple email application which is used by many users to send mails, save contact, organize calenders and events. It is very effective and user friendly. But it does not have a automated reply. A user has to make ceratin setting to set up the automated reply. These setting are done in the master setting which sends a automated reply.

The procedure for auto reply is as under:

Open a text file and type the reply you want to send as auto reply. When you are on leave or away from the computers. Save the file on the desktop.

  • Open Windows Live Mail and from the option choose Folder tab and then click on message rules.
  • Now click on email rules tab and then on reading new tab. New mail rulesSwitch to Email Rules tab and click on the button reading New.
  • Now apply the settings by checking ok for all messages and then checking ok for reply with you customized message. Name the option and click on message link that appears.
  • Now browse and select the text file you saved on the desktop.
  • Click on save rules
  • Activate the rules and your auto reply is set.

Incase on any issues you can visit the official site of windows live mail and refer your problem to the Windows Live Mail Technical Support team.


How to Hide Address Bar and Toolbar in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer users have come up to the support team for hiding the address bar or toolbar. When in full-screen mode, Internet Explorer hides the toolbar automatically, including the address bar. Also, some websites sometimes prevent IR from showing the toolbar even when the user moves the mouse to the appropriate location. IE users also have the option to disable the address bar option. This article will provide the necessary steps to hide the address bar and for more instant help contact the support experts.

Here are the steps to hide the address bar:

  • On the keyboard press ‘Alt’ and ‘Space’ to open the ‘System’ menu.
  • Now select the ‘Restore’ option.
  • Type in the address of a different site that causes the initial problem and press enter.
  • On the keyboard press ‘F11’.
  • Move the mouse to the top-edge of the screen until the toolbar appears. Right-click on the toolbar and deselect ‘Auto-hide toolbar’.
  • Return to the site that originally caused the toolbar to stop popping up. The toolbar will now stay on the screen all the times.

Contact Internet Explorer Support Number for the best steps. Support experts will provide instant assistance for hiding the address bar in the IE browser. These experts are trained professionals who provides quick troubleshooting steps.

How to Stop Internet Explorer Update Message

In November of 2015 Microsoft had announced that it would be stopping support for Internet Explorer 10, IE9 and IE8 starting 12th January 2016. From that day, users of these Internet Explorer out-dated versions will start receiving notifications, asking the users to upgrade their browser to the latest version, which is Internet Explorer 11.

But if you do not want these update notification, and you don’t plan to upgrade and these notifications irritate you, then Microsoft offers you a procedure that will allow you to stop or turn off these Internet Explorer update message.

You can follow below mentioned steps to stop Internet Explorer update message:

  • First go to "start->run" and enter "regedit" and click "ok".
  • Then you need to search the key listed below.
  • Check the dword value for value name "noupdatecheck". Then enter the value "1" to enable the setting and "0" to disable it.
  • Then you restart and after restart or logoff, you can see changes take effect.

If you are not able to solve this technical issue with Internet Explorer or you are facing any other technical glitch with Internet Explorer then what you need is Internet Explorer Technical Support. Internet Explorer being a service of Microsoft, you can expect best technical support from them when you need it the most. You can get technical support on Support page, vial live chat, via live email and via phone number.

How to configure Gmail in Outlook

Are you willing to configure Gmail account in Outlook?

In case you have two email accounts and priority is Outlook then you can always configure services of Gmail in Outlook by a specified procedure. If you are unaware of such things and are willing to gain basic understanding regarding the same then consulting the certified and immensely qualified technicians should be your first priority. Once gained sound knowledge regarding the same then they can always move down the tutorial and follow the below mentioned step by step procedure to get the task done in an effective manner.

Steps to configure Gmail in Outlook by a legit procedure:

Step 1: Users need to ensure that they have opened their Outlook account and once opened then users can simply click on the “File” menu from the different menu options.

Step 2: From the drop down menu users can move on to the Account Information page and then they can simply locate and click on “Add Account”.

Step 3: Users can now fill in the entire mandatory account information page which includes the Gmail username, password, name of the account and various other relevant information.

Step 4: Click on the “Next” option which will prompt the users to download and run the Outlook connector.

Step 5: A success message will appear on the screen which will ensure that configuration has been done in an effective manner and users will now enjoy uninterrupted services of the mail account.

If the configuration has not been done in an effective manner then dialing the 24/7 Gmail support phone number should certainly resolve your issue. Mode of assistance is none other than remote technical assistance.

How to Block a Sender in Apple Mail

Apple Mail is the default mail for Apple or MAC users. The email account is effective and easy to maintain. It has the modern day email account features and security parameters for easy email access. One of the many features in the mail account is that the mail user can block a sender on the profile.

Here are the steps to block a sender in Apple Mail:

  • First select ‘Mail’ and then choose ‘Preferences’ from the menu in OS X Mail.
  • Move to the ‘Rules’ tab and then click ‘Add Rule’.
  • Make sure that the criterion read from Contains.
  • Next enter the email address of the person to be blocked.
  • Select ‘Delete message’ from the actions.
  • Also, add a ‘Description’ in the new rules.
  • Close the dialog and click ‘Ok’.

Here are the steps to block sender in Apple mail account on Apple Mail app:

  • First launch the iPhone Mail app.
  • Open a message from an email address you want to be blocked.
  • View the sender details and create a new contact.
  • Block the email address after saving the contact. On the following screen enter the name of the contact you want to block.
  • Tap ‘OK’ once the email ID is added in the block list.

Contact Apple Mail Technical Support for help and assistance related to blocking of sender of unwanted emails. Support professionals provide assistance for all types of email account troubles with instant help for account setup.

How to Change Phone Number in Gmail Account

Change The Phone Number In Gmail Through The Assistance Of The Technical Team

It has been heard always that Gmail is pioneering in email service and always favored for it’s advantageous functions. It is the outstanding email facilitator that is running through the organizations and the home users. People failed to decline the use of this specific mail application because of it’s amazing features. As this is one of the most praiseworthy mail application but still people needs the urgent customer service for this.

There are many occasions when users fails to find appropriate solutions for the difficulties and not get the proper guidance. For such circumstance with innumerous issues Gmail Tech Support Phone Number experts generally crop up.

The number of complications that could be solved through contacting on the Gmail technical support number are in front of the users:

  • Unsucceed to do the synchronization with the mobile handset.
  • Problems while creating the fresh email account for Gmail.
  • Got difficulty while fetching the mails in the inbox.
  • Emails not able to auto-forward on the mail application.

Users could take a look over how to change the phone number in Gmail with the help of technical team:

  • Users should first open the mail account of Gmail.
  • At the upper right of the interface users need to scroll to “Settings”.
  • Furthermore the users should push “Accounts and import” or the users could also scroll all the way down and strike “Accounts and import”.
  • Moreover the users need to push”Password change and recovery option”.
  • Users now scroll down to button for edit icon and strike over it that is next to the icon for mobile phone number.
  • Phone number could be simply changed from there.

Copa Airlines Flight Change Policy

Copa Airlines also known as Compania Panamena is the main airline carrier of Panama. It is headquartered in Panama City. Copa Airlines operates flights all around the world. Copa airlines give services in categories of Business class, as well as Economy class. To make the flights easy for passengers, Copa Airlines have many policies which allow its users to enjoy maximum benefits for them and allow them to have customizable flights and enjoy their flights in a way they like.

Flight Change Policy

Copa Airlines have a very customer centric flight change policy which allows the customers to change their flight before the scheduled departure. Customers can opt to change the flight as per their requirement before 24 hours of the flight.

However the policy mandates that a user will have to pay the money accordingly for the change. The total amount to be paid will depend upon the cost of the flight to the changed destination as well as the availability of the seats.

Many customers avail this policy to make changes last minute and fly to different destination. In case you need any technical assistance, you can contact Copa Airlines Reservations Phone Number.