How to Activate Windows 7

Get your Windows copy activated with Windows Tech Support

After installing Windows 7, you must activate your copy of Microsoft. Microsoft uses online activation as a way to cut down piracy of its operating system. You can activate Windows 7 or Windows 8.1right after you install the operating system, or you can wait up to 30 days after installation. If you do not activate your copy of Windows, you can’t use all of the operating functions because it locks down. So you need to activate your windows copy as soon as you install it on your system.

Steps to activate Windows 7/ Windows 8.1

1) Click "Start" and Right-click on “My Computer”. Then select “Properties” to bring up the System Properties window.

2) Click “Activate Windows Now” to bring up the Windows 7 activation dialog box.

3) Click on “Activate Windows Online Now”.

4) Enter the product key which is mentioned on your Windows 7 installation disc and then click “Next”. If your Windows 7 activation goes through successfully, you will receive activation code verification.

You can also choose from other methods to activate the Windows. However, if you had selected to automatically activate Windows online then it will be activated automatically in the next 3 days. Contact to our Windows Live Mail technical support team to activate windows within minutes with ease. Our highly professional tech support experts will guide you step by step to activate windows and other issues in activating windows.