How to Configure iCloud Account on iPhone

iCloud not only allows you to access the data from different devices but its email and others like the push email, calendaring and contact services allows the users of iCloud to make changes in the data on your iPhone. So whenever you make changes in the contact information it is updated in the contacts of your device.

If you have not selected to update the email on the iPhone then you can do it anytime or you can contact the iCloud technical support. If you didn’t make configuration for the setting of iCloud updates or if you want to add a different iCloud account to iPhone then by following simple steps you can do it any time

  1. Launch the Settings app on the iPhone
  2. Then tap on the iCloud
  3. Now enter the email address and the iCloud password and then select ‘Next.’
  4. Then turn on the services and select the services that you would like to get update for on iPhone
  5. If you want to disable one of the features then go back to the settings and then turn off the updates

Need technical assistance for making changes in the settings of the iCloud on the iPhone then you can contact the iCloud customer service.