How to Mark a Mail as Important in Gmail

Gmail uses several signals to automatically mark the users emails and distinguish it on behalf of the users, if it is important or not important. Gmail uses several signals and then decide which messages are important and mark them automatically. The marking of the importance of message depends on few factors.

Those Factors Include:

  • Whose email id is that and the frequency of the usage of that email by the user either for receiving or sending any message
  • The emails that are frequently opened by the user
  • The emails which the user reply to the most or quiet often
  • Keywords that the user usually uses in emails while reading
  • The emails that are starred, archived or deleted by the user

The users need to note that if by instance any email is marked as important and the user do not want it to be then he or she can simply click the importance marker by the side of that particular email and change the mark. This however, helps the Gmail to identify the emails that the user desires and wants to mark as important and the one they do not want as important. The user can observe a yellow important marker by the side of the email. If the symbol is marked yellow, it indicates that the message is important or else it is left empty. If the user at any point of time wants to see all the important emails then he or she can search Gmail for is important or can contact to Gmail Support.