How to Forward Cox Email to Gmail

Cox email provides the option to users to forward their mail to gmail which helps them the access their messages from the gmail which are received on cox email. As users forward their messages to the gmail they would be able to receive messages of both coz email as well as gmail to manage their work. In order to make this happen, users need to go through the given steps

  • Select the option of settings from webmail inbox window
  • Click on the option of forwarding
  • Enter your gmail address on which you need to forward your messages
  • Select an option among the given options in the forwarding rules
  • Click on OK option
  • These steps will help users to receive their messages on the gmail account and from there itself users would be able to manage their work.

If any issue occurs in doing so then users are advised to immediately get in touch with the support experts who will provide best solution to them and let them work easily. Users can call on the Cox Email Technical Support Number and interact with the experts to get the best solution for their issues and continue their work easily.