How to Load Photo Paper in Canon Printer

Learn the whole procedure to load Photo Paper in canon printer in simple way:

Canon Printer is no doubt very successful company in manufacturing the printer device. It is a Japan based company which is providing very highly advanced gadgets like printer and some other products like camera and all. There are many question arises in our company where people ask the process to load photo papers in the tray box in Canon printer. There could be many complication with the printer device which can be resolved by dialling Canon Printer Technical Support Number withing very short span of time. We are very reputed company established with the all advanced electronics gadgets which are useful in providing the solution even at the mid night. The company work for 24 by 7 round the click.


Steps to be followed in order to load photo papers:

  • First of all if the papers are curled then flattens it an aligned the edge of papers.
  • Now you need to pull out the cassette from the printer machine.
  • Slide the paper guide in front and on the right to open the guides.
  • Load the paper stack with the print side facing down and then place that in the center of the cassette.
  • Align the paper guide in front with the paper stack.
  • Slide the paper guide in the right to align the right and left guides with both side of the paper stack.
  • Insert the cassette into the printer machine.
  • Now you can print your photo by giving command from your computer.