How to Connect Lenovo Laptop to projector


This article is completely devoted to the step by step process of connecting the lenovo laptop to the projector.

So just in case you are looking for those steps then you need to follow the below written instructions carefully:

  • here you need to make sure that your both device i.e lenovo laptop and projector are turned off
  • after that you have to connect the video cable from your laptop’s external video port to the projector
  • now followed by that step, you need to now plug the projector into an electrical outlet and then you just have to press the power button in order to turn it on
  • so now just turn on your laptop, while doing this you need to consider few things like
  • if you need audio for your presentation then you just need to connect the laptop’s audio out port to your projector or you can even connect this to some other sound system
  • now just sync the projector as well as the laptop and for that you have to hold down the function key and then press one of the keys like F4, F5, F7 Or F8 in order to toggle.

In case you find any problem in connection then feel free to call on the Lenovo Technical Support Phone Number.