How to Add Multiple Destinations in Google Maps

How to add multiple destinations in Google Maps?

Search of any location or looking for easy direction for your long trip? Google Maps provide easy directions and also helps in setting multiple destinations. User can set the locations either by using Google Maps on the system or by using android or iOS device. New user can follow this article can look for various steps in adding the destinations on Google Map.

Here are the steps to add various destinations using Mobile app:

  • Update the Google Maps app first. For that search ‘Google Maps’ on Play Store and select the results. Tap on ‘Update’.
  • In the lower right corner tap blue direction Dutton which will start the Directions mode and user will be prompted for a starting & destination location.
  • Enter the starting location and for that tap on ‘Your location’ entry and place a pin by tapping ‘Choose on map’.
  • Enter the final destination by tapping ‘Choose destination’.
  • Make sure that user has selected the option either driving or walking.
  • Tap on the menu bar and then tap ‘Add stop’. Here enter the final destination.
  • Continue adding more stops and user can add up to nine destinations.
  • Each time after adding the destination, a new ‘Add stop’ line appears.
  • Here are the steps to add multiple destinations on computer:
  • Open Google Maps on the system.
  • Click ‘Directions’. Add a starting point and destination.
  • Click ‘Add’ below destinations and choose another destination to add a stop.
  • Continue the step and repeat adding stops.
  • Also click on route and view the directions.
  • User can also change the order of stops and for that find the final destination. Click and drag the destination now.

Facing trouble in adding multiple destinations in Google maps? Contact Google Technical Support for assistance. Support expert will resolve the troubles instantly and will provide effective directions.

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