How to download attachments from Gmail in windows phone

Smartphones has become an integral part of our modern lifestyle. In today's world most of the things are just within the reach of a click on the smartphone. The Smartphone is becoming the most popular devices to surf the internet and connect with social media platforms as well as for checking mails, managing your scheduler, taking photos and videos. We are constantly connected to the digital world with the help of smartphone.

Windows Phone is one of the leading smartphone company in the world. It is a subsidiary company of Microsoft corporation and made smartphone under this flagship brand. The key features of this phone which distinguish it from other smartphone is its design, as well as seamless email and social media Integration. Windows work consistently across all devices, with Microsoft integration.

But sometimes new user do faces issue working on other platform application. One of them is downloading attatchment from Gmail on the Windows Phone. Some of common procedure to download attachment from gmail in window phone.

  • First of all login in your gmail id .
  • Click on the inbox and then select the mail from the list which has downloaded attachment.
  • Then click on the download attachment, if its Pdf files, then open it in the Pdf file reader.
  • If its a MS word file then, open it MS word file, which is part of the windows default application.

In case, if you face some problem to solve the problem, & you are searching for How to Contact Gmail Customer Service then you will find by visiting the website of google by clicking on Contact then further choosing the product. Google has some wonderful top tech expert which are well versed in the respective domain with tons of experience. Google 24*7 expert team will help you to solve the issue at the minimal time.

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