How to Create Gmail Groups

Gmail Groups – it is a service provided of Google which is similar to forum for group discussions for the people which have common interest which can be either through email or web interface. These are mainly of two types forum specific to Google Groups which is more like mailing lists and the other being Usenet newsgroup which can be accesses by NNTP in which Google act as a gateway and unofficial archive. To create a Google group one must first sign in Google Group through Google account using username and password, configure advance settings.

How to create Google Groups:

  • First and Foremost go to the Google Groups.
  • Look for the option near the top left corner for Create Group and click on the same.
  • Describe the Group and choose the same if one is not sure about the same go with more about setting basic permissions at this point in time if the user is finding it difficult to describe then can seek help from the Google customer service either through the forum or by writing the concern in the mail and can wait for the response from the expert.
  • Click on Create Group option which will on the top left corner.
  • Now click Save changes.

If provided one is not useful then you can get Gmail Technical Support help by the experts adviser. 

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