How do you Unlock your Google Account

Unlock your Google account with these provided steps

The Google users many a times complaints that their account gets blocked and they are unable to access it. This happens when the users have sent various spam messages or there is any virus on the system. So, to get the account unlocked the users can easily follow these steps and further they can get back the access of it.

Hence, to unlock the Google account these below mentioned steps should be followed by the users:

  • First of all the users are supposed to go to the Gmail website and should select on need help option.
  • The users are then are required to select on the appropriate option.
  • For unlocking the Google account the users are required to select on I’m having other problems signing in.
  • Then after this the user need to mention their Google user name or the email address in the required space.
  • Once they have entered their correct username or email address they need to select on continue.
  • After doing this the users are supposed to enter the characters that they see on the screen. The captcha should be entered correctly.
  • After this again select on continue.
  • Now the users users need to select on the appropriate option to get their account unlocked. Follow the onscreen instructions and unlock the account.

Therefore, by following the above mentioned steps the user’s Google account will be unlocked and they can further use it for their mailing and for other purposes. Besides, the users can contact the Google Customer Service if they face any issues related to these steps or if they are having any trouble in understanding this topic.