How to Block a Sender in Apple Mail

Apple Mail is the default mail for Apple or MAC users. The email account is effective and easy to maintain. It has the modern day email account features and security parameters for easy email access. One of the many features in the mail account is that the mail user can block a sender on the profile.

Here are the steps to block a sender in Apple Mail:

  • First select ‘Mail’ and then choose ‘Preferences’ from the menu in OS X Mail.
  • Move to the ‘Rules’ tab and then click ‘Add Rule’.
  • Make sure that the criterion read from Contains.
  • Next enter the email address of the person to be blocked.
  • Select ‘Delete message’ from the actions.
  • Also, add a ‘Description’ in the new rules.
  • Close the dialog and click ‘Ok’.

Here are the steps to block sender in Apple mail account on Apple Mail app:

  • First launch the iPhone Mail app.
  • Open a message from an email address you want to be blocked.
  • View the sender details and create a new contact.
  • Block the email address after saving the contact. On the following screen enter the name of the contact you want to block.
  • Tap ‘OK’ once the email ID is added in the block list.

Contact Apple Mail Technical Support for help and assistance related to blocking of sender of unwanted emails. Support professionals provide assistance for all types of email account troubles with instant help for account setup.