How to configure Gmail in Outlook

Are you willing to configure Gmail account in Outlook?

In case you have two email accounts and priority is Outlook then you can always configure services of Gmail in Outlook by a specified procedure. If you are unaware of such things and are willing to gain basic understanding regarding the same then consulting the certified and immensely qualified technicians should be your first priority. Once gained sound knowledge regarding the same then they can always move down the tutorial and follow the below mentioned step by step procedure to get the task done in an effective manner.

Steps to configure Gmail in Outlook by a legit procedure:

Step 1: Users need to ensure that they have opened their Outlook account and once opened then users can simply click on the “File” menu from the different menu options.

Step 2: From the drop down menu users can move on to the Account Information page and then they can simply locate and click on “Add Account”.

Step 3: Users can now fill in the entire mandatory account information page which includes the Gmail username, password, name of the account and various other relevant information.

Step 4: Click on the “Next” option which will prompt the users to download and run the Outlook connector.

Step 5: A success message will appear on the screen which will ensure that configuration has been done in an effective manner and users will now enjoy uninterrupted services of the mail account.

If the configuration has not been done in an effective manner then dialing the 24/7 Gmail support phone number should certainly resolve your issue. Mode of assistance is none other than remote technical assistance.