How to Stop Internet Explorer Update Message

In November of 2015 Microsoft had announced that it would be stopping support for Internet Explorer 10, IE9 and IE8 starting 12th January 2016. From that day, users of these Internet Explorer out-dated versions will start receiving notifications, asking the users to upgrade their browser to the latest version, which is Internet Explorer 11.

But if you do not want these update notification, and you don’t plan to upgrade and these notifications irritate you, then Microsoft offers you a procedure that will allow you to stop or turn off these Internet Explorer update message.

You can follow below mentioned steps to stop Internet Explorer update message:

  • First go to "start->run" and enter "regedit" and click "ok".
  • Then you need to search the key listed below.
  • Check the dword value for value name "noupdatecheck". Then enter the value "1" to enable the setting and "0" to disable it.
  • Then you restart and after restart or logoff, you can see changes take effect.

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