How to Hide Address Bar and Toolbar in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer users have come up to the support team for hiding the address bar or toolbar. When in full-screen mode, Internet Explorer hides the toolbar automatically, including the address bar. Also, some websites sometimes prevent IR from showing the toolbar even when the user moves the mouse to the appropriate location. IE users also have the option to disable the address bar option. This article will provide the necessary steps to hide the address bar and for more instant help contact the support experts.

Here are the steps to hide the address bar:

  • On the keyboard press ‘Alt’ and ‘Space’ to open the ‘System’ menu.
  • Now select the ‘Restore’ option.
  • Type in the address of a different site that causes the initial problem and press enter.
  • On the keyboard press ‘F11’.
  • Move the mouse to the top-edge of the screen until the toolbar appears. Right-click on the toolbar and deselect ‘Auto-hide toolbar’.
  • Return to the site that originally caused the toolbar to stop popping up. The toolbar will now stay on the screen all the times.

Contact Internet Explorer Support Number for the best steps. Support experts will provide instant assistance for hiding the address bar in the IE browser. These experts are trained professionals who provides quick troubleshooting steps.