How to Set Auto Reply in Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is the most simple email application which is used by many users to send mails, save contact, organize calenders and events. It is very effective and user friendly. But it does not have a automated reply. A user has to make ceratin setting to set up the automated reply. These setting are done in the master setting which sends a automated reply.

The procedure for auto reply is as under:

Open a text file and type the reply you want to send as auto reply. When you are on leave or away from the computers. Save the file on the desktop.

  • Open Windows Live Mail and from the option choose Folder tab and then click on message rules.
  • Now click on email rules tab and then on reading new tab. New mail rulesSwitch to Email Rules tab and click on the button reading New.
  • Now apply the settings by checking ok for all messages and then checking ok for reply with you customized message. Name the option and click on message link that appears.
  • Now browse and select the text file you saved on the desktop.
  • Click on save rules
  • Activate the rules and your auto reply is set.

Incase on any issues you can visit the official site of windows live mail and refer your problem to the Windows Live Mail Technical Support team.