How to find archived email in Apple Mail

Apple Mail is one of the top-rated emails service provided by the Apple Inc. It proffers an easy and secure interface to send and receive emails. Apple Mail is best known for its highly secured and latest mailing features. Users can store their emails in Archived mailbox after reading or ignoring. But one question have in every one’s mind that where to find archived emails in Apple Mail.

Do you know how to find archived emails in Apple Mail? If your answer is no, then don’t think too much about that. Read this article and know about the procedure of finding Archived emails in Apple mail.

Here are the steps to find archive emails in Apple Mail?

  • First of all, open your Apple Mail in your Mac and then click on File menu.
  • Click on the Import Mailboxes and then choose Apple Mail as data format.
  • Now click on Continue and then go to the exported archives on your Mac.
  • Now choose the right collection and then click on Choose.
  • After that, all your archived mails will appear in Mail and then find the ones which you need.

If you are not capable to find archive emails in your Apple Mail after applying the above given steps, then contact Apple Mail technical support to get highly reliable solutions from the certified professionals who have a detailed knowledge. They will provide better solutions to fix various Apple Mail related problems. Any sorts of problems are resolved by them within a short span of time. It doesn’t matter how big problem is; they have solutions for each Apple Mail problem. You can obtain this assistance after making a phone call and they will assist at 24/7 hours.