How to Backup Images to iCloud?

On apple devices, there is a feature to backup images on the icloud which could be restored later whenever required. It is advised to users to keep a regular backup of the content on icloud which could be helpful for the users to loss the data. The process to backup files is very easy and users also set the option of auto backup to keep the regular backup of files.

In order to backup images on icloud, users need to go through the given steps

  • Go to the settings option of your apple device.
  • Select the option of icloud.
  • If you are using ios8 or later version then select storage and then manage storage.
  • Select the device you are working on.
  • Under the backup option, turn off the apps which you do not want to backup.
  • Turn on the photos section and then confirm to back up the photos on your device.

If there happens to be any issue in the backup of the photos on icloud then users can also contact the iCloud tech support team where they will get the solution for their issues and continue their work easily hassle free. It is important for the users to keep a regular backup of their media files to keep all the data secured.