How to Change Wifi Password Arris Modem?

We all loves doing stuff on Internet. Internet plays a crucial role in our life these days as we do host of other activity like emailing, searching, connecting with people and so on so forth. But few knows that Internet is a connection of giant networks which helps in carrying the data and signal from one part of the network to another. The things which help in connecting of the network is Modem. Modem is a device which allow us to connect with the computer to transmit data over telephone lines and cable. There are plenty of modems making companies in the world. One such modem making company is Arris. Arris Modem Customer Service will help you in guiding and resolving any issue related to the Arris Modem.

Arris is one of the leading and most popular telecommunication manufacturing company in the world. It makes various telecommunication product to suit their various customer needs. It also makes modem which is highly regarded as one of the best modem in the world. It has a great hardware quality and hardly any complaints regarding dysfunctionalities of the modem. But sometimes user does face problem, one of the common problem user face is regarding is how to change the wifi password of Arris modem. User can take the technical support or follow these simple procedure to fix the problem :

  • First of all, open the Internet browser and then go to the following IP address
  • Now Again hit the enter the key on your keyboard,
  • Further log into the advanced wifi modem page and enter the following information.
  • Write down the username and then write down the password.
  • Again click on Manage Wifi network then launch quick start wizard.
  • Now click on the next passphrase then choose your wifi network password.
  • Now Click on Apply to save your change.