How to Access iCloud Email on Computer?

How to Access iCloud Email on Computer

iCloud ia a cloud storage platform developed and maintained by Apple Inc which is used by many apple users all around the world to store, upload and use their data online on a remote storage machine which is generally referred to as a cloud. iCloud platform offers users storage space of several thousands of gigabytes which allows them to store any file, audio, video, documents, pictures etc on their iCloud account. If anyone uses any Apple device, be it iPad, iPhone etc, they are entitled to around 5 GB of storage space on iCloud. Users can pay more if they want more space on iCloud.

About iCloud email account:

iCloud email is simply your Apple mail which you can access via your iCloud account. In order to use iCloud email account, you must be registered with iCloud account of yours. For that you need to have an Apple email id and password which is same as used by you to download any data from the App store provided by Apple. With iCloud email, you can send, receive, draft and store emails as much as you can. iCloud email accomplishes the shortage felt by traditional email system in which email storage space is limited and hence, users have to continuously keep on deleting important emails in order to use the email services.

How to use iCloud email on computer?

  • No matter which computer you are using. Simply follow the steps below to login to iCloud email account:
  • Go to and here login with your email id. You can also create your separate iCloud account with
  • After you login to iCloud account, check for the email option.
  • Click on Mail and you will be able to retrieve you iCloud email data on your computer’s web browser.

Accessing iCloud email on your computer is a relatively easy task. However if you face any difficulty in using iCloud email on your computer, you can contact iCloud Customer Support Number to help resolve your issues.